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Meadowbrook Counseling

 Guiding Lives,
  Building Bridges,
Nurturing Change
Guiding Lives, Building Bridges, Nurturing Change

Therapy for individuals, couples & families

Areas of Treatment

Providing counseling services that promote mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Individual Therapy & Mental Health Counseling

Life's journey often presents us with challenges, whether from our relationships, professional obligations, or the pressures we place on ourselves. These challenges can sometimes result in overwhelming stress, potentially impacting our emotional well-being and daily functioning. We're here to help you navigate these moments.


Couples Therapy, Relationship & Marriage Counseling

Even the healthiest of couples experience some degree of conflict in their lives. The secret is addressing those issues head-on and not letting your less-loving interactions define you or your relationship.


Child Therapy & Teen Counseling

Our therapists provide encouragement and guidance as children embark on their journey of self-discovery. We're dedicated to helping children recognize their unique strengths and potential. Sessions can be tailored to include both the child and parent or focus solely on the child, depending on individual needs.

Child & Teen
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