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Meet the Dedicated Team at Meadowbrook Counseling

At Meadowbrook Counseling, every member of our team, from therapists to administrative staff, is dedicated to supporting you on your journey to wellness. We are not just professionals but also compassionate allies who are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment where healing and transformation can flourish. Our expert therapists specialize in various evidence-based modalities, ensuring personalized care tailored to your unique needs and goals. Join us, and experience the Meadowbrook difference - where empathy, expertise, and empowerment converge for holistic mental wellness.

Photo of Lindsey Dean
Meet Lindsey DeanLCSW, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Supervisor

Pain and emotional suffering can often feel overwhelming, coming from various directions in life. There are moments when the weight of depression can seem insurmountable, casting shadows of hopelessness. Persistent worry and anxiety can magnify everyday decisions, making them appear more daunting than they truly are. Any form of abuse might dominate one's life, influencing feelings, thoughts, and actions. Past memories can encroach upon the present and potentially overshadow future recollections. While many experience such pain and suffering occasionally, it is important to remember that they are not eternal.

Her approach to therapy is centered on the client, focusing on their inherent strengths while integrating both mind and body. She excels in assisting adults and adolescents, both individually and collectively, including couples and groups. She employs evidence-based treatment techniques and protocols such as EMDR, the Gottman Method, CBT, DBT, Mind-Body Bridging, ACT, and Mindfulness practices.

She is dedicated to meeting clients wherever they are in their journey. She endeavors to cultivate a therapeutic environment that warmly welcomes every facet of a person, promoting both healing and flourishing. Allow her to accompany you on your path to recovery. Reach out today to discover how she can best support you.

Photo of Jon Nash
Meet Jon NashLCMHC, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Supervisor, Reunification

Jon Nash is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of Utah has 7 years of experience working with mental health clients. He has worked in a variety of settings including adolescent residential treatment and private practice. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Brigham Young University and received his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro University Worldwide.

Jon specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma/PTSD. He is trained in utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems theory. He will work with you to identify your personal strengths and then build off of those areas.

It can be challenging to have high levels of anxiety, depression, and other overwhelming feelings present. The experience of working in some challenging settings helps Jon to better understand where you are coming from and being able to provide you with tools to help you live a more meaningful life and more hopeful future.

Photo of Josie Osborn
Meet Josie OsbornLCMHC, EMDR, Supervisor

Josie Osborn's primary approach revolves around recognizing each client as a unique individual, inherently valuable and possessing the capacity for self-healing. Committed to fostering an environment where clients feel safe, heard, seen, and valued, she acknowledges that embarking on the path of therapy can be a daunting and challenging decision. Her eagerness lies in meeting clients wherever they may find themselves in their healing journey.

She firmly believes in the concept that every person is the expert in their own life. In her view, therapy plays a crucial role in offering unwavering support and amplifying an individual's innate strengths. It serves as a secure haven for delving deeper into self-understanding and, ultimately, achieving the profound healing that each client seeks.

photo of Caitlin Woolbert
Meet Caitlin WoolbertACMHC, EMDR

Her expertise is deeply rooted in her capacity to connect with her clients, creating a sanctuary where they feel genuinely heard and accepted. She firmly believes in forging a robust therapeutic relationship devoid of judgment. She isn't there to impose judgments or press her own agenda upon anyone. In the therapeutic setting, she views the client as the expert. Her role is to provide unwavering support, aiding clients in enacting changes that resonate with their personal values and desires.

While she may not possess the magical powers of a fairy godmother to effortlessly transform a child's behavior, bridge communication gaps with teens, or ensure familial understanding and appreciation, she can certainly offer empathetic listening. She endeavors to give context and understanding to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that might otherwise be challenging to navigate. By furnishing tools, resources, and a conducive therapeutic environment, she makes positive change attainable.

She acknowledges that the initial decision to pursue counseling can be intimidating and daunting. Nevertheless, it is her aspiration to stand by and guide her clients through whatever challenges they may face. If anyone feels they might resonate well with her approach, she warmly invites them to make contact. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect.

Photo of Mike Richardson
Meet Mike RichardsonACMHC, Ph.D., EMDR

His background boasts over ten years of experience working with children, youth, and families in diverse settings such as schools, treatment centers, and homes. Additionally, he has 14 years under his belt teaching university courses on education and adolescent development. His approach centers on collaborating with clients to identify their strengths, interests, and pivotal relationships. Together, they craft a life narrative that reconciles past milestones, whether they be painful or joyful, addresses current challenges and opportunities, and envisions future aspirations and goals.

His therapeutic approach draws inspiration from a variety of modalities including CBT, DBT, attachment theory, positive psychology, narrative identity theory, and Self-Determination Theory. Recognizing the profound influence of religious and spiritual experiences on many individuals, he has devoted time to studying major religious systems from both Eastern and Western perspectives, cultivating a deep respect for a range of religious and philosophical traditions.

Photo of Jonathon Neeves
Meet Jonathon NevesACMHC, EMDR

At times, the anguish and intricacies of life become overwhelming to tackle solo. Jonathon believes that everyone possesses the innate strength to surmount and learn from life's challenges. Occasionally, a guiding hand is needed to access this inner resilience, find solutions, and uncover personal significance to rise above life's tests. He views therapy as a conduit to connect with this internal strength, leading individuals to a stage of flourishing.

Currently, he is a second-year Master’s level practicum student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science, with a focus on Psychology, from Utah Valley University.

With several years of experience in residential treatment, he has assisted individuals grappling with an array of challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and familial relational issues. In his counseling approach, he adopts a client-centric stance, integrating principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. He champions a comprehensive treatment strategy, aiming to meet clients where they are in their healing journey. Collaborating closely with clients, he identifies their inherent strengths and then expands upon them.

He holds a firm conviction that everyone, when provided a supportive, safe, and connected environment, can undergo growth and healing. He is dedicated to ensuring a secure space for individuals to confront their difficulties and embark on their healing voyage.

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