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Meet the Dedicated Team at Meadowbrook Counseling

At Meadowbrook Counseling, every member of our team, from therapists to administrative staff, is dedicated to supporting you on your journey to wellness. We are not just professionals but also compassionate allies who are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment where healing and transformation can flourish. Our expert therapists specialize in various evidence-based modalities, ensuring personalized care tailored to your unique needs and goals. Join us, and experience the Meadowbrook difference - where empathy, expertise, and empowerment converge for holistic mental wellness.

Jessica Carberry photo
Meet Jessica CarberryLCSW

Jessica collaborates with her clients to create a trusting and comfortable environment, where individuals can truly be themselves. Together with her clients, she processes through their stressors, fears, goals, and experiences to unearth the underlying truth - that they already possess all they need. In her practice, Jessica places the client at the center of their therapeutic experience. She specializes in working with adolescents, teens, young adults, couples, and families.

Her approach is humanistic, focusing on the whole person and emphasizing their strengths. Jessica's goal is to help each person develop a set of tools that they can independently access when needed. These tools are an amalgamation of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and a variety of other therapeutic approaches.

Jessica understands that the hardest first step is admitting the need for support and seeking help. She encourages her clients to be proud of taking this step. While the next part of the journey may seem intimidating, Jessica assures it won't be. She is committed to working together with her clients to help them reach their goals.

Photo of Josie Osborn
Meet Josie OsbornLCMHC, EMDR, Supervisor

Josie Osborn's primary approach revolves around recognizing each client as a unique individual, inherently valuable and possessing the capacity for self-healing. Committed to fostering an environment where clients feel safe, heard, seen, and valued, she acknowledges that embarking on the path of therapy can be a daunting and challenging decision. Her eagerness lies in meeting clients wherever they may find themselves in their healing journey.

She firmly believes in the concept that every person is the expert in their own life. In her view, therapy plays a crucial role in offering unwavering support and amplifying an individual's innate strengths. It serves as a secure haven for delving deeper into self-understanding and, ultimately, achieving the profound healing that each client seeks.

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Meet Lauren LaCaraCMHC

Every person holds a unique story. Lauren has dedicated her life to listening to people's stories and serving as a guide to assist them on their life's journey. She recognizes that not every journey is linear and straightforward. There are moments when pausing and seeking assistance is necessary. Lauren feels privileged to work with individuals, couples, and families, aiding them in enhancing their life journey. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, she is also a licensed School Adjustment Counselor. With extensive experience in working with adolescents and families, she utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral and Solution-Oriented approach, empowering clients to discover and follow their most suitable path forward.

Photo of Dylan Wallace
Meet Dylan WallaceLCSW, QCSW, EMDR

Dylan believes that every individual has the potential to lead the life they genuinely desire and that enduring change is achievable. As a strengths-based therapist, he builds upon and leverages clients' strengths in therapy, assisting them in navigating the challenges they face. He creates an environment where clients can confide in him without fearing judgment or being instructed on how to live their lives. He sees therapy as an interactive process, one that shouldn't appear identical for everyone. Beyond talk therapy, he believes individuals resonate with diverse techniques, often incorporating music, art, and experiential interventions.

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