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Annie McGary

Millcreek, Telehealth, Pocatello, ID, South Jordan, Ammon, ID

My name is Sungah, but you can call me Annie. I am a dedicated behavioral health therapist committed to providing compassionate therapy services. Whether you're wrestling with overwhelming anxiety, navigating challenging life transitions, healing from past trauma, or aiming to boost your self-esteem, I'm here to offer a safe and supportive environment for healing and growth. Drawing upon evidence-based modalities, I establish a secure and non-judgmental space where clients can freely delve into their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

I firmly believe in the innate resilience of each individual and their potential for growth. Therapy, in my view, is a collaborative voyage where clients are the authorities on their own experiences. My approach emphasizes empathy, authenticity, and respect, fostering an atmosphere where diversity is embraced and all clients are esteemed. I recognize that embarking on the journey of therapy can be intimidating, and I commend you for contemplating it. Together, we can partner to explore your strengths, tackle obstacles, and cultivate positive transformations in your life.