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Cara Robinson

ACMHC, SOTP Program Director, EMDR

Hello! I am so glad you are searching for a counselor that will fit your needs. I am a counselor who is single mom of two teenagers who are both members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and one of my children is also on the Autism Spectrum. I have experienced many difficulties, that with a good therapist, I have overcome many obstacles and I can help you overcome any difficulty you may be experiencing now. I have personal wisdom along with my official training that lends itself to helping those that may have experienced domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault, and drug addiction. Just like me everyone has a story to tell that deserves to be heard. It is the telling of these stories that can be the start of healing process. Through your story I believe in the power of therapy to change lives from being difficult and seemingly endless, to creating a life that is strength-based, value-based, and one that is joyful. I use a values-based approach to help my clients discover what they value most in their lives.

With this discovery my clients are able to pivot their actions, emotions, and thoughts toward fulfilling what they value most in their life. I can work with individuals struggling with anxiety and/or depression, individuals with personality issues, bipolar disorder, and those struggling with symptoms of trauma. I am a counselor who is trained to work with many different populations. I have been trained to help children, adolescents, individuals, couples, families, and groups. I work with individuals who have experienced legal issues, I have worked with families, couples and children dealing with the issue of a fracture in a marital relationship. I can work with teenagers and their parents to improve communication. I love to work with those on the spectrum and those who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is so important to know that your relationship with me, as your counselor, is one that is sacred. You can talk to me about things you would never reveal to anyone out of fear of judgement. I hold no judgement and the therapeutic relationship is one that is built on trust. It is a space where you can say anything and you will not be judged. I am here to listen to your story, discover your strengths, and your values in the sacred space of our relationship. Once this is done you will be amazed at how wonderful and joyful life can be!