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Daisha Jeppeson


As a therapist, I am dedicated to fostering a client-centered approach, recognizing that life's challenges can be complex and unique to each individual. I strive to offer a supportive, nonjudgmental space where individuals, regardless of age, can navigate their personal journeys with confidence and resilience.

Therapy, in my view, is a collaborative endeavor tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. I believe in utilizing a diverse range of theories and techniques, ensuring that therapy is adaptable and effective for all clients. Whether it's children, teens, couples, or individuals grappling with issues like depression, ADHD, or OCD, I am here to provide compassionate support and guidance. I use evidence based practices including CBT and EMDR.

Currently pursuing my Master of Social Work at the University of Utah, I am deeply passionate about working with clients of all ages, particularly children and adolescents. My goal is to create a safe, empathetic environment where you feel heard, understood, and validated.

It would be an honor to walk alongside you in your healing journey, offering insight, empowerment, and support every step of the way. Let's embark on this transformative process together.