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Kendra Stewart

Telehealth, Gilbert, AZ

Hey there, Kendra here!

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and would love to help you navigate through becoming a better you than you were yesterday and the BEST version of yourself for tomorrow! I strive to treat the whole person and to help you to work through any emotional, mental, or psychosocial barriers. In efforts to help with gaining stability and/or wellbeing.

I specialize in being diverse, relatable, attentive, and creating a safe space for you to feel open, free, and honest. This is your opportunity to gain experience on how to start keeping the promises to yourself that you have struggled to adhere to. Let me help you heal your inner self and release the traumas that withhold you from being whole again. People tend to get stuck in life, but that is ok, they just lack the right tools. Let us unlearn, relearn, and start again together.

A few modalities that I use are CBT, Restorative, Somatic therapy, Emotional Regulation and Systemic model of family therapy. Psychotherapy, psychoeducation, Trauma- Focused CBT, Distress tolerance, Reality (realistic) Therapy, and Honing one’s emotions.

If you have found yourself or someone you know struggling with managing the difficulties that have caused life to feel a little bit smaller and you to feel a lot more suffocated. Then I encourage you, them or y’all, to come chat with me, so I can help you exhale. I practice an integrated approach to helping you to heal and endure the courage it will take to show up for yourself, as best as you can, EVERY DAY. Looking forward to chatting soon!