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Lex Fackrell

LAMFT, EMDR, Neurofeedback

Through my work and education towards becoming a marriage and family therapist, I have seen the pouring of opportunities therapy has to empower and change lives. The beauty of therapy is the work and dedication done in and out of an appointment. My goal is to change the stigma around therapy and help individuals, families, and couples maintain healthy homeostasis through techniques such as managing emotions, mindfulness, and living your truth. I enjoy helping clients through various methods and approaches.

My past training has included training and certifications as a family life educator, certified trauma support specialist, psychological first aid online, domestic violence 101 & 102, skills for psychological recovery, and family life education curriculum. I am passionate about mental health and helping individuals, couples, and families. A few of those include creating new meaning and perspective through a collaborative language approach, play therapy, and learning how we can co-create and co-explore your concerns.

I hope that as we go through the therapy process together, you can gradually see your potential. While you are in my office, I can remind you of the following: You are safe. You are welcome. You are welcoming change.