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Shaylee Thompson


Hi, I'm Shaylee and I love my role as a therapist! I believe finding a therapist you vibe with is essential for healing. I offer compassionate, solution-focused and collaborative therapy for individuals who have experienced trauma. I’m an active participant in your journey, offering insight, feedback, and direction. While I may pose challenging questions, we'll always progress at your pace. In therapy, laughter can be as healing as it is serious. Together, we'll navigate your life, connecting the dots and exploring your inner workings. I provide a safe space for self-discovery, aiding you in understanding your core identity and processing your experiences. Embracing your whole self is encouraged every step of the way. I believe our understanding of ourselves is shaped by our relationships and the narratives we construct.  My dedication lies in helping you gain insights into these self-perceptions and relationships. By heightening awareness of your thoughts and emotions, you'll better comprehend your needs and boundaries. With time, you'll envision the life you aspire to lead and develop confidence in your ability to manifest it. I'm here to offer unwavering support and encouragement throughout your journey. I specialize in female mental health which includes concerns such as sexual assault, disordered eating, domestic violence, perfectionism, body image, relationships, & parenting, faith crisis/transition, sexual health & wellness, betrayal, and sports psychology. I find joy in supporting my clients through modalities like IFS, ACT, EMDR, mindfulness, and experiential techniques such as sandtray.

I am a Certified Social Worker with a Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Human Development, with an emphasis in Family Studies, from Southern Utah University. I also earned a Master of Social Work, with an emphasis on Clinical Mental Health, from Tulane University School of Social Work.