The Magic of EMDR

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve found it very rewarding and helpful to help clients understand why they are feeling what they are feeling, and how the dynamics and patterns in their relationships are affecting them and the people they care about. I had heard about EMDR for a few years and I was intrigued by it, but kept putting off learning more about it. 

I finally came to a point in my career where I felt like I wasn’t helping my clients as much as I could and I felt helpless and frustrated by it. That was the push that had me get trained in EMDR. 

When you hear about EMDR it seems a little unbelievable. Really? Eye movements help you feel better from trauma? I was still a little skeptical. Even after my first weekend training, I felt unsure about it and how much it would help my clients. But I thought, “Well what have I got to lose?  I want to help my clients more and this might help more than I think.” So I started using it in my sessions and I explained to clients how I understand it help their brain and body process emotions and memories. I cannot even tell you how surprised I was again and again and again. I have had countless clients say “It’s like magic! I can’t believe I feel better!” And it is. The body and brain are miraculous and want to heal. We just need to help them along in a nurturing and gentle way. I have seen EMDR help people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, assaults, childhood trauma and abuse, addiction, relationship distress, suicidal ideation, and more. This is a natural and research supported method of helping people heal from challenging events and symptoms so they can move forward in their lives and live the life they want.