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Amy Carpenter


 I’ll say it: life is a lot less like a yummy box of chocolates (sorry, Forrest) and a lot more like riding a roller coaster blindfolded: there are twists and turns that you never see coming, highs and lows and everything in between — and it can be beautiful and thrilling, but it can also be frightening, scary, and lonely. 

But you don’t have to be on that roller coaster alone — I want to be right there with you helping you traverse the unknown: someone to confide in, to receive support from, to teach you skills, and to help you navigate all of the chaos that is life. 

I’m a clinical mental health counselor trained to work with individuals and groups to help them receive the support they need during both good times and bad, and I look forward to helping you find joy and peace in your life no matter what it might throw your way.