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Brittany Bullen

CMHC-I, Neurofeedback

People come to therapy for various reasons, but we're all after the same thing: happiness. My mission is to help as many people as possible find happiness in today's tumultuous world. Before becoming a counselor, I spent seven years as a high-performance coach, working primarily with entrepreneurs who wanted to overcome their personal barriers to success. I bring that same energy to my counseling practice, focusing on my clients' innate strengths to help them move beyond the past and actively create a better future. I believe that the more we focus on solutions rather than problems, the more we empower clients to build resilience and confidence in their everyday lives. My goal is not to keep you in therapy forever, but instead to help you acquire the tools and the insight to go out into the world and boldly conquer whatever challenges life might throw your way. I practice solution-focused therapy, CBT, reality therapy, and an eclectic mix of other approaches, depending on the client's needs. I am trained in mediation and neurofeedback as well.