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Jordan Staples


Over the past 12 years I have been building the skillset to help individuals and couples create the life they want. I believe every person has the strength and ability within themselves to create a joyful and meaningful life regardless of where they are today. Most of us when we are in the throws of difficult and overwhelming challenges don’t believe this is possible. That’s okay (and completely normal). This is what counseling can help with.

My job is to help you tap into and recover your innate abilities to create the results and relationships you want. How do I do this? By helping you discover more about the way your brain works (or what I call the ‘Mechanics’) and help you develop ways to handle your brain (the ‘Methods’) as you navigate whatever situation you are facing today. This is the foundation of creating the results and relationships you want. As you apply what you are learning about yourself and other people, one day at a time, you will create progress (the ‘Momentum') toward the life you want.

I can work with you individually on your stress and anxiety about work, health, money, spirituality / religion, or bad habits (like porn / over-eating / over-consuming media) that are getting in the way of you being more effective at being who you want to be or doing what you want to do.

I can work with you collectively (with you and a loved one) on your relationship and help you both build or rebuild your life together if that is what you want to work toward.

Reach out to Meadowbrook Counseling and let’s get to work.